Relationships. Which ones are right and which ones are wrong?

Sometimes when parents, guardians, elders or even siblings try to warn us about teenage, we choose to ignore them because of teenage immaturity. Even though we feel from inside that we are smart enough and we think twice about something and so ignoring elders is fine; we often ignore the fact that our elders have passed that age and so they don’t want us to walk the same road they did.

Similarly I being a stupid teenager few years back got a crush on a senior. And news travel fast and that guy approached me and i foolishly said yes. Teenage is all about fairytales and believing people thinking everybody is nice like we see in fairytales and those who are bad eventually become good in the end. But it doesn’t happen in real. Being in the relationship with that guy; i was so blind in believing that he is the one that I couldn’t see the reasons why everybody told me not to date that guy.

It was a toxic relationship. After few years I realised how important time i wasted after a total moron. Dating is not only about “i love u”, that guy didn’t love me. The sole purpose of him being with me was to use me in every possible way. Not only taking money from me on daily basis was his core task but also domestic abuse. Calling me a prostitute because i talked to a guy in my class was his habit but meanwhile him sleeping with two other girls (ofcourse which i was unaware about) was fine. Him lying to me and dating other two girls was fine. And blackmailing me to ruin my life if i leave him was his habit. He constantly tortured me not to leave him else he’ll spread the word about me sleeping with him and ruin my life. He told me that if I cannot have u, i wont let anyone else have u either. One fine day he told me to make affidavit that ill only marry him and no one else; just because he wanted a proof of trust because he was moving out. That’s when I realised that i am being a saint to that oerson who needs a written proof from me but has given me nothing in return. Than i decide to breakup.

I told him I cannot be with him and as promised he tries to ruin my life. Constant visits at my place involving troubles to my family, neighbors watching and asking what’s it all about. He kept on troubling me and torturing me for 8 months. Yes, 8 months. 8 months of me living in fear, not using mobile phone to stay low profiled because he constantly called me to torture me more. He had his friends who would follow me wherever i go for checking the people i see. So one day being frustrated with this and seeing my family in trouble because of me and seeing the trust i broke of my parents I decided I don’t want to live anymore. But unlike temporary love and people; FAMILY NEVER LETS YOU DOWN. And something similar happened to me. My sister and her fiancé decided it was enough and they would lose me so they were without thinking anything fought for me and removed him permanently. Something they did so magical that he stopped contacting me from that very second. I couldn’t be happier and I cannot do anything to get that trust back. But my point here is never ever let your family down because of something you think is healthy for urself. Because family members never lie to u and all they want for u is a good and happy life #respect #family .

Think before u act and whenever stuck ask for help from your safe space. Help is always given to people who ask for it. And if that day the relationship didn’t end I wouldn’t be aliveto be writing this!! Also please never think about suicide because there are people who look upto u whom you’ll kill by killing yourself. Make this world a better place.

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What is life?

Life has its own ways to bring you down but what if it forgets to put u up again? What if u don’t know what to do next? What if the love of your life doesn’t show up to help? What if u fail yourself? There’s billions of things going around. Fake people and promises topping the list! And everyone wants to be special for someone but at the same time, they don’t want to be the same for the opposite person. Don’t forget to love because you’re hurt, don’t forget to live because u failed yourself, don’t forget your worth. Failing is fine because you were alive to do that. Hurting is fine so u know that u are better than others when it comes to caring. You are worth something that’s why you are sent on earth. Believe in yourself. #live #love #laugh